Malaria Awareness
Andy Murray We can be the generation to end malaria deaths

Andy Murray: We can be the generation to end malaria deaths

Andy Murray speaks on the 'winnable battle' against Malaria, one of the world's oldest and most deadly diseases.

Joined up thinking

Joined-up thinking

The main weapons used to combat malaria are the relatively new rapid diagnostic test (RTD) as well as the highly effective artemisinin-based Combination Therapy (ACT) and injectable artesunate to identify and treat confirmed cases, however severe
they may be.
mosquito on human skin

Revolutionary wall lining could provide long-term solution

There is an inconvenient truth with mosquito nets, Richard Allan, Director of the Mentor Initiative claims. Though they can be very effective, they are also very vulnerable to wear and tear.
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Why mosquitoes are becoming harder to beat

The fight to eradicate malaria may have saved the lives of three million children since the turn of the century but progress is stalled because mosquitos are becoming resistant to pesticides.
malaria test results

Exciting new drugs pipeline could help eliminate malaria

Paradigm shifts have been made from containing malaria to eliminating it. What efforts are being made to drive this transition?
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How long should I take antimalarials?

This can vary. With some anti-malarials, you have to take them from two to three weeks before travel, throughout your stay and then for up to four weeks after your return, says the National Pharmacy Association.
Rwandan woman

Cards from Africa fund Malaria treatment

Cards from Africa exist to create the most stunning hand-made cards on the planet, and simultaneously to create dignifying employment for orphaned youth who are heads of their families.
British volunteer opens up about her experience with malaria

British volunteer opens up about her experience with malaria

"It’s hard to put into words the severity of my condition when I suffered from malaria in 2012...
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Plans set in place to eliminate malaria by 2030

This year is a year of transition. The shift in global priorities will determine where future investments will be made to bring about a better, healthier and more equitable global society.
Andy Murray says it s AllToPlayFor in the fight to defeat malaria

Andy Murray says it's #AllToPlayFor in the fight to defeat malaria

In sport, no match is won without dedication, strategy and perseverance. And these qualities have helped drive the huge progress in the fight against malaria - a fight I have supported for more than six years.
Malaria as an entry point for addressing other conditions

Malaria as an entry point for addressing other conditions

Whilst malaria remains one of the leading causes of death and illness in children under five years, it is just one piece of the puzzle.
women and children in Africa

What happens when HIV/AIDS and Malaria combine?

When malaria and HIV/AIDS combine, both diseases get even more serious. And the worst hit are the most vulnerable - pregnant women and their newborns.
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Interview with The Global Fund who are investing in a malaria free future

Mark Dybul, Executive Director of The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria on the future of funding the fight against malaria.
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Preventing multiple diseases by tackling dangerous insects

Tackling malaria does more than save people from one disease. Killing bugs protects against multiple diseases and greatly improves maternal and neonatal health.  
children with malaria nets

Protecting the vulnerable: the net solution

Leishmaniasis and malaria will keep spreading if unchecked by prevention strategies such as netting.
african woman with malaria net

10 interesting facts about malaria and medicines

Ten facts about malaria and medicines that really convey the scale of this epidemic and the necessity to prevail over this deadly disease.
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Accurate, robust diagnostic tools: a key in the fight to eliminate malaria

The difficulty of distinguishing malaria from other fevers and detecting asymptomatic infections is leading to poor health outcomes and allows transmission to continue.
Aloe Blacc with Esther

Aloe Blacc uses his influence to impact positive change

Aloe uses his music to influence positive change and is a passionate supporter of the malaria campaign.
michael essien foundation

Essien's greatest goal: victory over malaria

Football star Michael Essien speaks on his experience with Malaria and the steps needed to combat the disease.
Oxitec mosquitoes in Jacobina

Winning the war against mosquitoes

Biotechnology has made a breakthrough in the battle against disease-carrying mosquitoes. This breakthrough came from Oxitec laboratories in the UK.
mother and child under malaria net

Supporting the worst hit areas of Africa

Malaria is the leading cause of illness and death in Bangui, Central Africa Republic (C.A.R). It accounts for 40% of all hospital cases and deaths. Something needs to be done about this.
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Fighting malaria: a new way of thinking

What’s the most dangerous animal on the planet? It’s not a lion, a shark or even a human. The world’s biggest killer is a mosquito and it’s putting up a hard fight.
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New test revolutionises fight against malaria

In order to successfully eradicate malaria, you need to know where to find it. New technology could hold the key to identifying the hidden enemy and stopping it in its tracks.
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Game changing malaria vaccine

After more than 20 years of research, 2015 saw the first malaria vaccine successfully complete pivotal Phase 3 testing to obtain a positive scientific opinion.

Immaculate and Muzafulu

Meet the women fighting malaria head on

The battle against malaria is being fought on many levels; one of the most effective is the grassroots offensive of women across the world.
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The hardest task is yet to come

The fight against malaria is far from over. There are still an astonishing 214 million cases of malaria each year and more than 400,000 deaths as result.
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Malaria and MDGs: mission accomplished?

According to a joint report launched on September 17th by the WHO and UNICEF, "at the beginning of the millennium, the battle against malaria was being lost". How is the battle going now?
Mark Dybul, Executive Director, the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria

Making the impossible, possible

Mark Dybul, Executive Director of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, explains how the fight against malaria can be fought – and won.