The moment you become a parent your life changes forever, it’s a feeling I will never forget. At the start of the year I became a Dad for the second time and it’s the most important role I’ve ever had. I would do anything to protect my children. But imagine if you couldn’t protect them. Imagine if you couldn’t afford the life-saving medication that costs £1 to treat your child. Imagine if you didn’t have access to a mosquito net to stop your loved ones being bitten at night. Imagine your child develops a terrifying high fever and there’s nothing that you can do. Unimaginable right? Yet this horror is the daily reality for thousands of parents in Africa.

Another moment that I’ll never forget was back in 2012 when I visited Ghana with Malaria No More UK to see how a mosquito net campaign was saving lives. I visited a primary school and asked a classroom of kids to put their hand up if they’d been affected by malaria. I was genuinely shocked when every single pupil put their hand up. I think it was the scale of this disease that took me back – a disease that affects so few of us in the Western world yet disproportionality affects so many in Africa, mainly young children. What is tragic is that malaria is so easily preventable and treatable. No child should die from a mosquito bite. That’s why I’m supporting Malaria No More UK – I can’t just stand by while other parents around the world suffer this injustice.

Although this is a bleak situation, we know we can change things. Thanks to a major global push and the work of organisations including the Global Fund, the world’s largest funder of malaria programmes, millions of lives have been saved. In fact child deaths have been slashed by 65 per cent since 2000 – a spectacular achievement.

I’m pleased to announce that I’m planning a project later in the year with Malaria No More UK to engage and inspire more people in the global malaria campaign and to get fans excited about the fact that we can be the generation to end malaria – once and for all. I’m certainly excited about it – watch this space!