1. Malaria kills an estimated 584,000 people each year – the vast majority are children

  2. Without proper treatment, malaria can kill within 24 hrs of symptom onset

  3. In some parts of Africa, a child can be infected up to 6 times a year

  4. ƒƒArtemisinin combination therapies (ACTs) are WHO-recommended first-line treatment for uncomplicated malaria.

  5. MMV and Novartis co-developed the first high-quality ACT for children, Coartem® Dispersible.

  6. More than 250 million treatments of Coartem® Dispersible have been delivered to around 50 malaria-endemic countries since launch in 2009.

  7. Injectable artesunate is WHO-preferred treatment for severe malaria and provides a 22.5% relative reduction in mortality compared to previous standard of care, injectable quinine.

  8. MMV worked with Guilin Pharmaceutical, a Chinese manufacturer, to obtain WHO prequalification for its injectable artesunate in 2010. Twenty-five million vials of injectable artesunate have been delivered since then, saving an estimated additional 165,000 lives compared to treatment with quinine.

  9. Primaquine, the only medicine available to stop malaria relapses, has been in use for 60 years and has a long treatment regimen, which is difficult to adhere to.

  10. MMV is working with GlaxoSmithKline to develop a next-generation anti-relapse medicine that could potentially be taken in a single dose.